10 Most Popular Branded Merch Categories Revealed 🏆

Not everything is a popularity contest. But this? This most certainly is! While we have trends that come and go with the seasons and pop-culture, there’s a few that stick around the top ranking and, all for good reason. Let the runway begin…


10 Most Popular Branded Merch Categories Revealed

10 Most Popular Branded Merch Categories Revealed 🏆- Mercha

  1. T-shirts: A quality company branded t shirt is undoubtedly most worn out not thrown out product! Take a look around today and clock how many brand tees you see along your travels. Think sporting teams, bands, work, and general brands – they all have ‘em. Choose your style from our extended range here (men, women's and youth), and play around with the design and placement of your logo. When it comes to tees you’ll be on top! (In more ways than one.)

  2. Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Just like their counterpart above, hoodies, sweatshirts and jumpers are a wardrobe staple as soon as the temp drops by two degrees! Mix and match with the tees to wear together, or opt for something people can wear from the boardroom to the bar. 

  3. Posters and Prints: Whether it's art prints of favourite characters, or iconic scenes from movies, posters and prints are popular for decorating bedrooms, offices, and living spaces! Get creative with it and engage a graphic designer to come up with something super unique and catchy that speaks volumes for your brand. 

  4. Action Figures and Collectibles: Fans of franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and anime often collect action figures and other merchandise related to their favourite characters. These sorts of products are huge for many industries! Is your industry about to follow suit? Have a dabble and explore our games and toys waiting for your logo.

  5. Mugs and Drinkware: Coffee mugs, travel mugs, water bottles and glasses featuring designs from popular franchises are a hit among fans who want to add a touch of their favourites to their daily routine. Always in-hand and on the go, these items provide huge exposure for brand awareness and representation while remaining low-cost. Plus, it’ll keep your crew hydrated, caffeinated and happy no matter where they are! 

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  6. Phone Cases: Customised phone cases featuring artwork or logos are a great way for customers, employees and partners to proudly show off their interests / your brand. Plus, they’re always in-hand and on-show, meaning major exposure! Need some more inspo? Check out our phone and tech accessories here

  7. Plush Toys: Especially popular among the younger gen, plush toys are a favourite in the merch industry. (Great souvenirs from conferences for the kids, too!).

  8. Hats and Caps: Whether it's snapbacks, beanies, or trucker hats, you want it, we’ve got it! From AS Colour to Nike you’ll be a ‘hat person’ in no time. Headwear featuring logos or designs from favourite brands are always in demand. Just like tees – take a look around today and see just how many branded hats are out there. So, don’t miss this opportunity for your brand. See our range right here

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  9. Stickers: Stickers featuring logos, characters, or quotes from popular companies are always a hit, often used to decorate laptops, water bottles, cars, and notebooks (just to name a few). Stick your brand on anything and everything for maximum exposure. 

  10. Limited Edition and Exclusive Items: We love a little exclusivity! Items that are rare or limited edition create hype, urgency and an air of speciality. Think of one-off items for a work anniversary or exciting event that people will recognise from the jump to make them think of the memory behind it and have others jealous they missed out. Tech products, picnic sets, or even a unique tee make an impact.



Well, there you have it – 10 Most Popular Branded Merch Categories Revealed that are bound to be worn out, not thrown out. Need some more inspo? Check-out ten ideas for small businesses or 13 merch giveaway ideas to boost your brand

Thanks for reading!