13 Unique Cool Weather 🥶 Merch Gift Ideas for Your Team

What's cooler than cool? Ice-cold.

When the weather cools down it’s all about keeping spirits high and one easy-as way to do that? Gifting your team unique, practical and cool merch to get them through, no matter the weather (see what we did there?).

We’ve made it no secret that providing your employees with quality branded merch boosts morale, so with the new season about to be in full swing, get your team kitted out with the ultimate winter essentials to be cool and not feel cold!

13 Unique Cool Weather 🥶 Merch Gift Ideas for Your Team

13 Unique Cool Weather 🥶 Merch Ideas for Your Team - Mercha


  1. Cozy Blankets: Snuggle on up to branded blankets – ideal for when the office air-con plays havoc, picnic essential, or for on the couch at home... talk about work life balance!

  2. Insulated Travel Mugs: A hot cuppa is a must no matter the temp. So when winter rolls around, the importance of coffee on the go is at its peak! Therefore, an insulated travel mug isn’t just a want, it’s a need. Choose sleek designs and durable materials for on-the-go use that are also doing good for the planet. Check-out our full range of branded coffee cups and mugs here.

  3. Hot Chocolate Kits: A treat for the office, home and everywhere in between (see point two..). With these kits featuring gourmet hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and chocolate stirrers. Encourage your team to indulge in a warm and comforting treat during breaks or virtual meetings.

  4. Touchscreen Gloves: Warm hands are nice and all, but when you’re trying to use your phone or i-pad, forget about it - cold fingers will always win! Until now, that is. Check-out these touchscreen gloves that will win-win for the phalanges and the phones.

  5. Fleece Jackets: A lightweight fleece jacket or jumper makes for a winter wardrobe MVP.  Feature your company branding for layering on cooler days, choosing breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics for optimal comfort and versatility.

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  6. Flannel Shirts: A flannel is part of the Aussie winter uniform, so get your brand a version of its own!

  7. Heated Seat Cushions: Everyone deserves a little luxury! For the home or office, these heated seat cushions make for out-of-the-box gift ideas that will impress even the hardest of critics!

  8. Portable Hand Warmers: Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em. Give portable hand warmers to keep hands toasty during outdoor activities or commutes. Opt for rechargeable or disposable options for convenient use!

  9. Beanies: Keep those noggins hot in more ways than one! A winter non-negotiable, a branded beanie can really pack a punch for warmth and your brand. Explore our high-quality company branded beanies in a variety of colours to suit every personal style.

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  10. Warm Socks: Truly an item that will be worn out, not thrown out! Get their feet movin’ and groovin’ with your brand along for the ride. Check-out these quality company branded socks with added style.

  11. Puffer Jackets: A genuine fashion must-have, - the puffer jacket! Get your team on-trend with a puffer! You'll be 'boss of the year' for a long time coming if you give the gift of ultimate style as well as a wardrobe staple that will certainly be worn out and worn. Talk about Anna Winter..(yes, we know it's 'Wintour' but let us have it).

  12. Cable Knit Throw Pillows: Like the heated cushions, add a cozy touch to office chairs or couches with pillows in neutral colors that complement your office decor.

  13. Hand Sanitiser: The winter sniffles can stay at bay office-wide when you kit your team with arsenal to fight the flu – the handy-hand sanitiser!  Put your brand at the forefront of sniffle shielding and keep your crew happy and healthy winter-long. 

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Be cool and stay cool! We hope you enjoyed reading 13 Unique Cool Weather 🥶 Merch Gift Ideas for Your Team. Are you not inspired??

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