5 Best Corporate Gift Ideas For A Good Time & A Long Time

Corporate gifting – the answer to sealing a deal, client retention, expressing gratitude, and the failsafe way to “woo” clients, partners and employees, right? Yet, it may be more powerful than you think. 

The corporate gifting industry is huge. So big in fact that in 2018 it was already worth a staggering $125 billion in market value. The same report also found that 57% of research respondents confirmed that gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner both positively and negatively. As the saying goes, it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain so how can you ensure your next corporate gift will impress rather than add stress?

Choose to keep it personal, ethical, and Pin-tresting (you know, the sort of thing added to peoples ‘Pinterest Vision Boards’). 

Here’s our top five favourite corporate gift ideas for ticking the boxes of corporate cool, ethical and all-round impressive. It’s time to say goodbye to bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, and fruit platters. You need something that’s going to be around for both a good time and a long time. 

Corporate Gift #1: Not-so-boring boardroom

Gift something they’re unlikely to buy themselves, yet something that’s classic and will definitely be put to use. We’re talking boardroom basics like the Nottage Lane Carafe and Glass Set. This set is sure to impress and adds a personal and versatile touch that can stay in the boardroom room or head back home to the bar. 


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Corporate Gift #2: Coffee on you, all day every day

There’s nothing quite like the gift of caffeine or a morning brew, and shouting a coffee is one of the highest forms of corporate respect one can offer – are we right, or are we right? Now, you may not be able to shout a team or colleague a cuppa every day, but you can get them halfway there with a quality branded reusable coffee cup. Check-out the Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Coffee Cup and more right here.

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Corporate Gift #3: “It’s a satchel, thanks for noticing”

A little more personal, this gift is ideal for those who want to make a significant impression for all the right reasons; the ultimate ‘corporate cool’ look and feel. Our Bellroy corporate gifting collection is extensive and no matter the selection, you can do no wrong. It's great gear, that lasts.


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Corporate Gift #4: Charged-up

A real power play move – literally. Supply the life-saving tech juice time and time again with quality, promotional branded power banks and chargers. Not only will they be a heroic reminder of your company, but something you can be assured will be used again and again.

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Corporate Gift #5: Cheese not cheesy

Gift something that can be loved and used by many, not just one. From office drinks or home with the family, you can’t go wrong with a cheeseboard. Far from cheesy, it’s an essential item for any entertainer or nibbles lover.


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