8 Merch Pack Ideas for Every Occasion ✨

Just when you thought you can’t have it all, we’re happily proving you wrong! If you’re looking for something bespoke yet versatile that will please the masses and stay within budget, follow the golden light… meet our merch packs! 

So, need some inspo or better yet, an excuse to get the accounts department to approve? Look no further.

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8 Merch Pack Ideas for Every Occasion ✨

1. Welcome Kit for New Employees:
You’ve both done the hard yards with the nerve-wracking interviews and piles of paperwork so get the good times going from day one with items that will make their new transition smooth, exciting and easy. Products like notebooks, pens, water bottles, t-shirts and coffee cups are sure to be worn out not thrown out. Pack-up with a personalised note, onboarding essentials and even a gift card to the local cafe and your new starter will be a sweet starter.

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2. Conference or Trade Show Swag Bag:
When it comes to event and conference days, it’s all about high energy and engagement! Start this off from the get-go and treat the attendees to branded gifts they’ll thank you for for the event and beyond – items like notebooks and pens for info sessions, portable chargers, snacks, lanyards and more! 

3. Holiday Gift Pack:
In today’s working world, supporting employees' work-life balance has never been so important. Whether it’s annual leave or seasonal breaks, show them their time away from work is just as important as time at-work with products to have your brand along for the ride. A few ideas to get you started:

4. Employee Appreciation Kit:
Sometimes a ‘staff member of the month’ email just doesn’t cut it. Elevate the ordinary and show them how much you truly appreciate them with a personalised thank you note highlighting their individual achievements or gift them with home and office essentials like a branded water bottle or on-trend CamelBak coffee cup. Otherwise, consider ideas such as gift cards, team events and sneaky pay bonuses!

5. Wellness Pack:
A work-wellness program is becoming a non-negotiable in the modern working world, so get on track with cool, branded product ideas like yoga mats, resistance bands, aromatherapy candles, healthy snackstea infusers, fitness items and more. Check out our full wellness catalogue here.

6. Client Appreciation Box:
While we’re all about the staff, don’t forget your clients too! Pack up a few premium gifts to thank and impress every sort of client. From a bottle of wine or champagne with a branded wine opener, to gourmet cheese boards, customised coasters, wine glasses and candles, it’s a surefire way to make a positive impression, no matter what. 

7. Remote Work Survival Kit:
The epitome of the modern working world! Prep your team with essentials to make their WFH experience tip top. Think of branded headphones, webcam covers, healthy snacks, laptop sleevesnotepads and pens, portable chargers, water bottles and coffee cups! Otherwise consider ergonomic desk accessories like a wireless charging mousepad or wrist rest.

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8. Birthday Box:
An office candle and cake isn’t that common these days, but doesn’t mean birthdays should be given the blind eye! Celebrate and wish them another cracker year around the sun with balloons or party decorations, personalised cupcakes delivered to their door, branded jumpers, branded coffee cup with a gift voucher to the local cafe, dinner at a favourite restaurant, or work essentials to elevate the ordinary.

Now it’s time to go shopping! Get your merch pack experience started by submitting a few details to our team who will personally help customise a pack just for you, with your brand all over it!