Employee Engagement for 2022 – What's Your Plan?

Employee Engagement – is it important?
The short answer – hell yes. 

It’s not breaking news that the way employees feel about their workplace and employer directly correlates to business success. You’ve heard it before but let us tell you again: disengaged employees lead to low motivation, meaning minimum effort and resulting in lower company growth (and no we didn’t make that up, it’s a fact). 

With that, how do you engage your employees?

Easy as – quality branded merch. But not the lack-lustre traditional style of merch you're used to. We’re talking cool, sustainable, modern, and useful products that have been designed to be worn out, not thrown out; ticking boxes in supporting health and wellness, tech, and personal development all while hitting your marketing KPIs. 

Forget leaking water bottles and pens that barely have enough ink for a coffee order  – engage employees with state of the art promotional products that your team will actually use in the office and beyond. 

The benefit? Satisfaction increases, passion is reinvigorated and staff are proud to put your brand on loud. 

Will merch do the trick for your business both internally and externally? Sure will.

 Some fast facts to back us up here:

  • 48% of millenials keep a promo product if it suits their personal style and 31% if it has a personal message
  • 98% of employees have greater confidence in their employers if their external and internal marketing messaging aligns
  • 90% of employees are proud to represent their company publicly
  • Employee engagement increases productivity, equating to 21% higher profits per year
  • In 2017, the largest percentage of promotional products sold were used for employee relations at 18.5%
  • Study findings reveal about eight in ten Millennials will keep a promotional product longer than one year; the majority keep it upwards of five years. 13% reported owning a promotional product for more than 11 years - it better be made to last! 

Check-out our best employee and staff sellers to keep your team engaged and looking tip-top:

1/ Smart Wallet 

2/ Bluetooth Earphones

3/ Bellroy Laptop Sleeve

4/ Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup


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