Going Shopping? Go Eco 🌿 with Sustainable Promotional Merch for your Business

We’ve said before, we’ll say it again and we’ll keep on, keeping on with it – we’re passionate about sustainable promotional branded merch that’s great for the earth and great for your business.

Now, when you go shopping for merch for your business it’s easier than ever to ensure your gear will be made ethically and made to last. 

The standard shopping filters across e-commerce usually land on colours, sizes, brands and styles. But, what about ethos and sustainability? To us, this is essential. We hope to encourage you to follow suit. 

When you ‘go shopping’ at mercha.com.au our filtering system makes it 'easy as' to showcase products that not only look great with your brand but also products that do great, too. 

  1. First, you can click through your preferences from categories like backpacks, bar items, face masks, apparel, speakers, satchels.
  2. Then, if you have a brand you know and love, tick the box to showcase their gear.
  3. Now, what’s your budget?
  4. And finally – here’s what counts: ‘Shop Positive’ and click through products that are from certified BCorps, are recycled, sustainable and/or organic. 

If you don’t know what you’re looking for but do know you want your gear to be worn out instead of thrown out, just scroll straight down to ‘Shop Positive’ and see what inspires you. 

Easy as.