EOFY 2022 Merch Ideas: Make Every Dollar Count

Just like that, it's EOFY 2022 time!

With EOFY 2022 inching ever closer, it's time to lace up the boots, get your head down and leverage any remaining merch budget for FY2022 to get in the good books with clients and reward employees.

We've said it once and we'll keep on keeping on with it – engaged, happy employees lead to greater business outcomes. One of the best ways to engage your team is with surprise benefits and bonuses.

So, as EOFY winds up, pat your work pals on the back with some great quality branded merch they can use beyond the boardroom to enrich their lives. After all, 80% of workers would rather stay in a job with benefits than take one that offered more pay but no benefits (American Institute of CPAs).


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How can you best leverage your remaining merch budget for EOFY 2022? Our top ideas, below!

    • Gift clients & employees workplace essentials, thank you treats, and anything in between with branded merch (shocking this is our first and favourite idea, right?!)
    • Invest in a website re-design
    • Prepare your promotions – if you have remaining spend, elevate upcoming & new FY promotions and order branded products early!
    • Elevate your marketing materials with products, digital marketing, and or sales essentials
    • Brand your assets! Make sure your business can be seen from all aspects. Perhaps it's time to sticker-up work vehicles or add custom laptop bags for the team to take to meetings?
    • Run a giveaway or treat your consumers. A classic 'gift with purchase' is a popular option for all the right reasons. Plus, 85% of people have done business with a company after receiving a promotional product

Need some extra inspo? Each Friday we round up some of our go-to merch picks to help businesses stand out from the crowd and do merch differently – with products that are designed to be worn out instead of thrown out! Check-out all of our Friday Fives here

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Happy EOFY 2022! 💻🎈


EOFY gift ideas for branded merch