Period Pay, Extra Leave & More – What Goes On At Mercha HQ

So, you know all about our products and our purpose. But, do you know about our people and really what happens behind the Mercha HQ office doors?

The way we do business is integral to the core of our people and therefore brand. To us, ethics matter and that goes for not just our products (did you see our product selection criteria?), but our people, too. 

As fathers and husbands first and founders second, we’ve been privy to the standards of family and work expectations, and how the balance can be so tiring. We don’t want our Mercha team to join in on the same cycle, so we’ve done something about it which is why we offer:

  • 5 mental health days / year
  • 10 female health days / year (what we like to call ‘period pay’)
  • 50% extra sick leave entitlements for carers / solo parents 
  • 5 days volunteer leave

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