Ten Company Branded Merch Ideas for Small Teams

As the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’, and that can’t ring more true! Small teams with big dreams, doing major things – that’s what’s all about. 

For small teams and SME’s, it can be tricky ticking the practicality and budget-friendly boxes with merch, marketing and employee gifting - we get that. So, we’ve come up with ten company branded merch ideas designed specifically for small teams!

Ten Company Branded Merch Ideas for Small Teams

Ten Company Branded Merch Ideas for Small Teams
  1. Custom Tote Bags: Every business and team tote-lly needs a tote to rep! Design a tote with your logo, motivational quote or your business by-line. From the office to home and everywhere in-between these are sure to be worn out. 

  2. Branded Notebooks and Pens: An office essential and great onboarding gift – provide branded notebooks and pens for team members to jot down ideas, take notes during meetings, or sketch out plans. Choose high-quality materials for durability and a professional look. We’ve tried and tested each notebook and pen ourselves to ensure top-notch quality. 

  3. Personalised Coffee Mugs: Personalised coffee cups featuring each team member's name or initials can be a really nice treat for morale and unity. Add your logo on the other side and you have yourself the perfect team gifts! See our full range here.

  4. Stylish Water Bottles: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We all use ‘em, so add your flair! Offer stylish water bottles featuring the team logo or a unique design while encouraging the team to stay hydrated throughout the day. Opt for insulated or eco-friendly designs for something a little extra. 

  5. Custom T-Shirts: A no-brainer for every and all teams. Provide custom t-shirts featuring the team name or a fun slogan. Great for casual Fridays or team-building events, tee’s can help foster a sense of unity among team without lacking style and pizazz. Check-out the likes of our AS Colour, Nike, and Biz Collection, or explore the full range here

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  6. Desk Plants: Give small desk plants like succulents or cacti to add a touch of greenery to team members' workspaces. Choose low-maintenance plants that require minimal care and brighten up the office. And, just like your team – from little things, big things grow. 

  7. Tech Accessories: From phone stands to cable organisers, webcam covers, chargers, power banks and more – tech accessories are a must, need, and want! We have a full collection of tech essentials waiting for your logo – see the full collection here and how they can help your team.

  8. Reusable Face Masks: Provide reusable face masks featuring the team colors or logo for team members to wear when the sniffles hit this flu season. Health doesn’t have to mean boring – see our picks here.  

  9. Desk Organisers: Keep the zen at an all time high with desk organisers. After all, a tidy space can help with a tidy head. Choose organisers with compartments for pens, paper clips, and other essentials like these. 

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  10. Custom Thank-You Cards: Create custom thank-you cards featuring handwritten messages of appreciation for each team member. These personalised cards show gratitude and recognition for their hard work and contributions – great for work anniversaries, EOFY, birthdays or, no occasion needed at all! 

Want to pack up a few of your favourite ideas all into one? Explore merch packs! Choose your products and we’ll add your logo to each and pack it up into a branded merch box – signed, sealed and delivered. Learn more here.