To The Test: Our Merch Product Selection Criteria

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Here at, we do things differently. That goes for our product selection, too. 

You’ll see our product list is more curated than other merch companies and that’s all by design. We’ve tried and tested each product on offer to ensure they all meet our rigorous selection criteria. We keep our heads high, but our standards higher.

Each product is put to the test and must tick the boxes of: ‘merch that lasts’ and ‘made fairly’. We also place great value in the growing mix of products that are ‘sustainable’.

So, rather than serving up multiple variations of the same low quality product, we’ve done our due diligence so you know if it's on our site, it's a quality product you can trust. We want you to not only have good merch, but to have merch that’s doing good! 

Let’s dive in deeper. Check-out the method behind the Mercha madness when it comes to our Merch product selection criteria.

The promotional merchandise industry is rife with cheap, disposable, pre-landfill junk. We don’t support it and won’t stock it. We’ve personally held and used thousands of promotional merch products. Our deep industry knowledge guides us in choosing products that are made to last. After all, merch that lasts is inherently more sustainable.

We hand pick the suppliers we work with because they treat their people and supply chains fairly. Those who produce the merch we sell must be paid fairly and their community improved, not trashed.

This is very important to us. Wherever possible, merch must be made from sustainable materials that are abundant– recycled material or material that can be recycled. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

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