Top 13 Merch Ideas for Your Next Golf Event or Tournament

Ready to tap, tap, tap it in? Whether you’re a Tiger Woods or Happy Gilmore, if you’re tee-ing up for a golf event or tournament and reading this, then you’re on par! 

Top 13 merch ideas for your next golf event or tournament

Branded custom golf merch and products


It’s not all about holes-in-one – that we know – a corporate day on the green is full of fun, banter and fashion, including huge brand exposure. So with that, we’re here to drive a few ideas home so your next golf day is a winner for you, your team and your brand.

  1. Custom Golf Balls: Let the good times roll with custom, branded golf balls.  Design your own quality golf balls (like these) featuring the event logo or company branding. Great for team morale, giveaways or souvenirs to commemorate the day! 

  2. Golf Towels: An essential for when on the green! Offer high-quality golf towels embroidered with your logo. These towels are designed for keeping clubs clean and dry during gameplay and can be attached to golf bags for easy access! See this one for an example!

  3. Branded Golf Hats or Visors: Hopefully the sun is shining for your day on the course and therefore it’s all about looking cool, feeling cool and of course - being sun safe. We’re talking hats and visors with your brand leading the way. Check-out our full cap range here or golf visors and hats (including Nike) here
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  4. Divot Repair Tools: Give away divot repair tools with magnetic ball markers featuring the event logo for a nifty accessory that will keep on givin’ time and time again. These handy tools help golfers maintain the course and can be used long after the event is over.

  5. Golf Umbrellas: If this isn’t the number one golfing essential, then what is? A golf umbrella is the ultimate course statement and one that will certainly be worn out, not thrown out for years to come – on and off the green. Choose your style, colour-ways, and durability from our range here as handy on-the-day gifts and take-home souvenirs. 
    Branded golf umbrellas online Australia
  6. Custom Golf Bag Tags: Offer custom golf bag tags engraved with participants' names or initials and the event/brand logo. These tags add a personal touch while keeping things clean out on the course. 

  7. Golf Scorecard Holders: Sleek and durable golf scorecard holders featuring the event branding makes for a nice touch for corporate golf days. Otherwise, add your logo to a handy notebook that will be used long after tee-off.  

  8. Cooling Towels: Offer cooling towels featuring the event logo to help participants stay cool and comfortable on the course, especially during hot weather! These towels can be soaked in water and draped around the neck for instant relief.

  9. Golf Polo Shirts: All the gear but no idea starts here – a polo is the uniform of all golfers, so it would only be right to provide high-quality golf polo shirts embroidered with the event logo! Choose moisture-wicking fabrics and a range of sizes to accommodate participants of all ages and genders. Check-out our full range of polos here
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  10. Golf Ball Markers: Another green essential – golf ball markers. Markers are used to mark the position of golf balls on the green and make for practical and collectible giveaways.

  11. Insulated Water Bottles: A no-brainer for a day out in the sun and a great gift idea that will keep on giving: insulated water bottles. Add your logo and choose leak-proof and BPA-free bottles that fit easily into golf bags. Check-out our full range here.

  12. Sunscreen and Lip Balms: Provide sunscreen and lip balms with your branding all over it! We’re all about the slip, slop, slap.

  13. Customised Golf Tees: Offer packs of custom tees featuring the event logo or unique designs. Choose durable and biodegradable materials for eco-friendly options that appeal to environmentally-conscious golfers. See our full range we've personally tried and tested ourselves 😌

Get prepped and primed with these top merch ideas for your next golf event or tournament to enhance the participant experience, increase brand visibility, and leave a lasting impression on attendees! Just add your logo and tee-off in no time with our full dedicated golf collection.