What is Branded Merch + the Meaning of 'Official Merch' Explained

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Why is it called merch?

"Merch" is simply short for "merchandise." It's a colloquial term commonly used in the context of popular culture, entertainment, and fandom to refer to items that are produced and sold to fans. Band shirt? Merch. Branded cup from the museum gift shop? Merch. Footy shorts with your fave team’s logo? Merch.

The term is often used in the context of promotional or branded items related to music, movies, TV shows, video games, sports teams, and other forms of media or entertainment. So, using "merch" as a shortened form of "merchandise" is just a convenient way to refer to these types of products in a more casual or informal manner. 

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What is the meaning of 'official merch'?

There’s merch, then there’s official merch.

"Official merch" refers to merchandise that is produced and sold by or with the approval of the entity or organisation associated with the brand, franchise, or intellectual property being represented. For example, if a popular TV show releases T-shirts featuring characters from the show on their official website, those T-shirts would be considered "official merch" because they are authorised and endorsed by the creators or owners of the TV show. Get it?

The term "official" indicates that the merchandise is legitimate and directly affiliated with the source material or brand it represents. This often implies that the quality of the product meets certain standards set by the entity behind the brand, and purchasing official merch can sometimes be seen as a way for fans to support the creators or rights holders directly. Additionally, official merch may come with guarantees or assurances regarding authenticity and may be more likely to feature accurate representations of characters, logos, and other elements from the source material.

So, if you’re at the helm of a brand and have all authority and rights to produce merch – you’re an official merchandiser and ready to go shopping.. start exploring!


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