About us

We’re changing merch forever

🇦🇺 100% Australian owned and operated 🇦🇺

Whether you’re a buyer or supplier, we offer more value, more ease and more efficiency, giving you more time to focus on your business.

We hunt down cool merch that people will want to keep. And get it to you in a way that’ll make you glad you chose us.

We’ll keep making our products and processes the best they can be. And we promise to use technology that makes life easier for you – not the other way ‘round. 

We see value and quality as inseparable, leading to lasting relationships and less landfill.

A brand’s reputation increasingly rests on where it appears and how it behaves. Our carefully curated products are good for your business and the planet. Like you, we look beyond price to see the true cost of what we sell.

We are Mercha

We come from diverse business backgrounds, but we all believe simple is better. And easy is best. 

In fact, we’re flat-out suspicious of any business that’s more complex than it needs to be. It tends to mean someone’s wasting your time or getting rich at your expense…neither option appeals.

Like you, we’ve experienced the head-exploding frustration of simply trying to order a few T-shirts or hats that won’t take months to arrive or look crap when they do. 

So we decided to fix merch for everyone, forever. Pooling our experience across e-commerce, online payment platforms, financial services to make branded merchandise work better for you and the world.

Mercha.com.au is 100% 🇦🇺 Australia owned and operated, based in Sydney.

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