10 Eco Friendly Promo Products Doing Good For You & The Planet

It feels good to do good, doesn't it? And now it's easier than ever to nail your eco efforts for your team, clients, customers, partners and most importantly, the planet!

You don't need us to tell you how important your company's eco ethics are. Not just to your team, but clients and customers, too. The stats speak for themselves, showing just how integral a corporate eco-conscience can be (scroll down for the data!). 

So, when it comes to showing off your brand in all the right ways – like with merch and promotional products – don't leave your penchant for the planet behind. 

With that, what's been trending at Mercha HQ? We're seeing a consistent increase in sustainable, BCorp, organic and recycled products running out hot. And to help you narrow down the best of the best, we've rounded up ten of the most popular eco-friendly merch products doing great for your brand and planet alike. 

Sustainable promo products

From totes to towels and the always-essential notebook, there's plenty of options to explore! The Orso Clontarf Towel is a popular gift and makes an ultimate addition to a merch pack! The Byron Beach Tote is totally a winner, while the Polnar Notebook with bamboo pen is a go-to for any office event or conference. 


Eco friendly tech products and merch

The words 'tech' and 'eco' rarely go hand in hand...until now! When shopping under 'gear' and 'accessories', filter by BCorp, recycled, sustainable and organic products to see how you can put your best foot forward in all the green ways. The Bellroy Tech Kit is one of our most popular Bellroy products for all the right reasons but make sure to check out the entire Bellroy range while you're at it to shop backpacks, bags and more. The Drift Eco-Friendly Laptop Pouch has also been a popular pick – laptop bags are a sure way to get your name out there while protecting the goods! 

 Eco friendly work shirts and custom tees

When it comes to apparel, eco friendly options may not come first to mind. We're here to help change that! From tee's to jackets, hats and beanies, you'll be surprised how sustainable the everyday essentials can be. The AS Colour Base Long Sleeve Tee is a winner for both men and women and as we come into winter, the Atlantis Andy Beanie is warming up to be a season favourite. Year-round though, we always see the Yuppong Classic Trucker Cap in the mix! 


Branded coffee cups and water bottles

Back to where it all began... the ole water bottle and coffee cup! Essentials like these helped begin the surge of eco-friendly products and we have plenty to choose from! All tried and tested personally, it's these two that have been proving to be top of the pops – the KeepCup Brew Glass and impressive Organic Eco Bottle. 


Eco friendly merch gifts

Consider this the piece de resistance – pack up all your favourite eco friendly products into a branded merch pack, just like Maytag did! Offer a complete set to make eco efforts easy. Build your own pack, or choose from our pre-made packs here

All that's left to do is design, order and delight – it's that easy to be an eco warrior! Upload your logo to see how good your brand looks on great products. 


PS. Need some more convincing to come over to the green side? Check-out the below stats –

  • 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact
  • 66% of consumers worldwide say they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands
  • 81% of people throughout the world expect businesses to be environmentally conscious in all of their advertising and marketing activities
  • 40% of consumers believe a company’s social and environmental efforts are very or extremely important when purchasing products or services (in Australia alone)

(Renolon, 2022)