10 Ideas to Thank Staff This End of Year

Box of chocolates? So 2002.
Seasonal fruit platter? 2017 just called.
Mass email? Come on!

While we wish we could personally drop a wave of confetti-filled balloons from the roof at your Christmas party, or hire Robbie Williams to thank each staff member for their efforts in song, we have no magic sleigh to party-crawl our way across the country (or contacts to rope in Robbie).

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can do a close second with the below ten ideas! To thank your team this year, take it up a notch without needing to break the budget. If anything, we’re talking easy as, streamlined yet thoughtful ideas so your team truly feels appreciated. Is this even important? Hell yes. Check-out this research that shows how end of year gifting and thank you's can really help retention and work satisfaction. 

Now, back on track. Which will you choose? We’re obviously all about the merch – it’s a win win – the employee is gifted with something epic that will play a part in their personal and work life, while your brand is put on loud and proud. Plus, it’s important to make sure your brand has strategic and conscious products that will be worn out not thrown out and a mix between necessity and desire. We’re talking about items that can be used at home and at the office, and that benefits the individual and their family. 

1// Super subscription
Rather than a one-hit wonder or gift card that will forever be in the depths of the bottom draw, treat your team to a monthly or quarterly treat long beyond the Christmas crazy. From flower subscriptions to gym memberships, theme park access for families and more - the limit does not exist!

2// Ace the activities
Encourage some down-time and activities that go beyond the office space, but have your brand along for the ride! Picnics, park plays, BBQ catch-ups - you name it.

3// Department cameos
Now, this may be the closest you can get to our Robbie Williams dream. Instead of a company-wide thank you via email, be more specific, get into the nitty gritty and make sure each department has recognition for their hard work. This could be done on a more personal level by the big boss, or jazz it up and check-out sites like Cameo to have the message delivered by celebs and sporting stars!

4// Cheer to the year
Now this one is a little special. For drinkers or non-drinkers, this gift certainly carries some charm. Add some pizazz with specifics or keep it blanket-branded. Either way, these guys are sure have all eyes on them at any event beyond the boardroom. 

5// Put it to the people
While some workplaces live for the end of year party, others would rather see the dollars more wisely spent. So, instead of guessing, put it to the people! Send out a survey providing your team the opportunity to have the power and decide what they’d prefer. Options can include the usual end of year celebrations, monetary bonus, team dinners, charity or ethical donations (just to get the ideas burning).

6// Turn up the fun!
Rather than a pen or notebook, do merch differently and turn up the fun with cutting edge tech! From speakers to headphones, desk tech and more, anything tech is sure to get the check √

7// Pack it up
Stuck on choosing one singular piece of merch, or creating a bundle? Don’t worry about it as we’ve got that sorted with pre-designed merch packs! From Beach Dayz to Grassy Knoll at 4pm, we’ve designed our merch packs with teams in mind.

8// Only the essentials
Never underestimate the importance and power of the essentials! It’s these sorts of items that are truly worn out not thrown out because they’re the everyday heroes. Yep, we’re talking water bottles and reusable coffee cups – the daily items that we all get attached to!

9// Beyond the bar
If you want to spice up the usual end of year party, take it outside and welcome the thrill! We’re talking a day out at a theme park, a boat tour, paint and sip, surf lessons and more. Your imagination is truly the limit! But one thing’s for sure, this idea is refreshing and rewarding without the sore head. 

10// Super swag
It’s no secret that workplaces love swag! So, instead of waiting for an annual conference or event leftovers, be a Swaggy Santa and give the gift of epic ‘fits! 

Have a big team or long client list? We hear you. So, perhaps these 5 ideas are more suited.