13 Branded Merch Giveaway Ideas to Boost Your Brand

People love free stuff – that we know. Yet, for businesses there’s a lot more to it. Running giveaways can be a powerful tool to boost awareness and engagement so it matters what exactly you’re ‘giving away’ to maximise the insights and engage as large audience as possible. And, what if you’re not a product-based brand, what can you giveaway that still aligns? Look no further. 

13 Branded Merch Giveaway Ideas to Boost Your Brand

13 Branded Merch Giveaway Ideas to Boost Your Brand - Mercha

  1. Travel Essentials Set: Offer the first-class experience with the best travel essentials. From luggage tags, travel pillows to cabin luggage, and toiletry bags, these practical items are perfect for high flyers. 

  2. Tech Accessories Bundle: Guaranteed to be worn out not thrown out, anything tech is a winner. Create a tech accessories bundle including items like branded phone cases, pop sockets, and cable organisers. These useful gadgets will keep your audience connected with you brand in more ways than one. Have a look at our full tech range here, and then submit the easy-as form to create your fully branded bundle – what we call 'merch packs'. 

  3. Branded Apparel: Walking billboards..one of the greatest and most effective brand tools. Think - sports team jersey sales, fashion brands, tour shirts.. the list goes on, but they’re clearly one the most effective advertising tools out there. Any branded apparel items such as t-shirts, hoodies, or caps featuring your company logo or a catchy slogan is a fail-safe way to get your brand on loud. Check out our women’s, men's and youth apparel collections.

  4. Custom Drinkware: Provide a set of custom drinkware items like stainless steel tumblers, ceramic mugs, wine glasses or insulated water bottles. These practical items are perfect for staying hydrated on the go while showcasing your brand. 


  1. Shop Company Branded Reusable Drink Bottle and Coffee Cups - Mercha

  2. Wellness Kit: Curate a wellness kit featuring items like aromatherapy candles, stress balls, and herbal tea blends. Promote health and well-being while reinforcing your brand's commitment to self-care and a work-life balance. Discover our full wellness collections here, begging for your logo.

  3. Notebook and Pen Combo: Sometimes simple is best! Branded notebooks paired with matching pens or pencils are classic items and essential for the home and office! Check out this dynamic duo for example or shop our full notebook range here, and pens that can literally write for miles here

  4. Outdoor Adventure Packs: Appeal to outdoor enthusiasts with an adventure pack and products like branded camping mugs, puffer jacketswaterproof speakers and powerbanks. Help them get their 'Dora the Explorer' on with your brand at the helm!

  5. DIY Craft Kit: Provide a DIY craft kit with materials and instructions for creating custom items like tote bags, keychains, or coasters featuring your brand logo. This interactive giveaway encourages creativity and engagement, and offers an experience, too! 

  6. Virtual Event Swag Box: Though it’s a virtual event, you can still add personal pizzaz with swag boxes for your events, conferences, or webinars. (Ideal to give away in lead-up to help also push ticket sales!) Include items like branded notebooks, webcam covers, and gourmet snacks to enhance their virtual experience. Don't forget you can make your own pack here

  7. Custom Tote Bags: Look around - how many branded tote bags can you see? They’re a stylish essential, plus, so popular it’s more likely you’re the odd one out if your brand doesn’t have one. Opt for an eco tote bag and play around with logo placement to be a little more creative! Start shopping here.


  8. Custom Stickers and Decals: Simple yet oh-so-effective (remember the Apple stickers with every product?). Offer a variety of custom stickers and decals featuring your brand logo, mascot, or artwork. These versatile giveaways can be placed on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more, plastering your brand all over town!

  9. Gourmet Food Basket: Curate a gourmet food basket filled with delicious treats like artisanal chocolates, gourmet popcorn, and gourmet coffee. Food is often the way to the heart, so a sprinkle of something straight from the bakery or dessert aisle is the sure to leave a lasting impression. Get inspired here.

  10. DIY Planting Kit: A DIY planting kit is a niche and refreshing idea while also supporting the earth. Include biodegradable pots, soil, seeds, and care instructions, along with branded plant markers or tags and let your brand grow, literally. 



We hope you enjoyed reading 13 Branded Merch Giveaway Ideas to Boost Your Brand!

So, what will you be going for? Don’t forget to think of how you can also leverage the giveaway to establish a long-term nurturing cycle with your audience, to get bang for your buck and long-term gain!