Best Merch Ideas for the Sweet Tooth's on Your Corporate Gifting List

We’ve all got one.. some just more than others! Either way, offering indulgent and delicious treats are sure to impress your staff, prospects and customers, leaving a sweet impression for a time to come.

Take a walk down our company branded confectionary aisle and add your logo to make it yours. 

Best Merch Ideas for the Sweet Tooth's on Your Corporate Gifting List 🍭🍬


  1. Gourmet Chocolate Assortment: Curate a selection of gourmet chocolates featuring a variety of flavours, textures, and cocoa intensities. Include options like truffles, chocolate-covered nuts, and artisanal chocolate bars for a little added luxury.

  2. Customised Cookie Gift Box: Offer a gift box filled with freshly baked cookies in a variety of flavours with customised branding or a personalised message - a yummy trend going around. Need a little more than a cookie? Check-out our 'Girls Night' custom pack with branded wine glasses and cheese boards instead!

  3. Assorted Candy Basket: Create a colourful lolly basket filled with crowd favourites like gummy bears, sour candies, jellybeans, and liquorice twists. Choose a mix of nostalgic favourites and gourmet treats to appeal to all tastes! 

  4. Decadent Dessert Sampler: Provide a dessert sampler featuring a selection of decadent treats such as mini cheesecakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and gourmet cupcakes. This indulgent assortment is perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth and a great way to cross-promote by partnering with a local bakery too! 

  5. Artisanal Chocolate-Covered Fruit: Well, they do say have your two and five a day.. surely this counts? These gourmet treats combine the richness of chocolate with the natural sweetness of fruit for a delightful flavour experience and something a little different when it comes to sweet gifts.

  6. Luxury Candy Gift Box: Lolly luxury… a luxury gift box filled with premium confections like champagne gummy bears, chocolate-covered caramels, and handcrafted lollipops can add elegance and charm. For the full experience, consider the packaging and gifting mechanism, too.

  7. Handcrafted Marshmallow Sampler: Provide a sampler pack of handcrafted marshmallows in a variety of flavours such as vanilla bean, salted caramel, and raspberry swirl. These fluffy treats are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to hot cocoa or enjoying on their own!

  8. Artisanal Ice Cream Kit: In Australia, ice-cream is a year-round fan favourite so give the gift of mouth watering artisanal ice cream. Discover kits containing premium ingredients and recipe cards for creating decadent flavours like salted caramel swirl and double chocolate fudge.

  9. Gourmet Popcorn Tin: Not just for the movies! Offer a gourmet popcorn tin filled with a variety of sweet flavours such as caramel, kettle corn, and chocolate drizzle. Choose high-quality popcorn kernels and premium toppings for an irresistible snack that will keep an office wanting more. 

  10. DIY Cupcake Decorating Kit: A very cute concept - provide a DIY cupcake decorating kit with pre-baked cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, and edible decorations. Encourage recipients to unleash their creativity and customise their cupcakes (also a fun little in-office competition to heighten morale, too).

  11. Custom Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods: Offer custom chocolate-covered
    pretzel rods featuring your company logo or a special message. These sweet and salty treats are perfect for snacking and make for eye-catching corporate gifts.

  12. Gourmet Brownie Sampler: With flavours such as fudge walnut, salted caramel, and raspberry swirl. Choose rich and indulgent brownies made with high-quality ingredients for maximum enjoyment.

  13. Assorted Macaron Gift Box: Gourmet and gorgeous, an assorted macaron gift box filled with a rainbow of flavours such as pistachio, lemon, and raspberry will elevate the ordinary with delicacy and colour. 

  14. Branded Confectionary: Put your brand on loud with subtle, delicious iconic confectionary. From branded M&M packs to assorted jellybeans, lollypops to branded breath mints. Sweet tooth’s and your brand will thank you. Check-out these to get the bad rolling.


Talk about a sugar rush! Start co-branding your own confectionary gifts here