Creative Company Branded Merch Ideas for 2024

There’s merch, and then there’s merch. And, in 2024 where air time for brand awareness is more elusive than ever, engaged customers and employees are integral.  At the end of the day, it’s about awareness, impressions, experiences and reach.

But how do you achieve this and make your brand stand out from the noise? 

Creative Company Branded Merch Ideas for 2024 - Mercha

Top Creative Company Branded Merch Ideas for 2024

Here’s 10 creative branded merch ideas to get you started. 

  1. Sustainable Promotional Merchandise: Products that do good for your brand and the planet is a win-win on many fronts. Embrace eco-friendly and sustainable materials for your branded merchandise such as reusable water bottles made from recycled materials, bamboo fibre t-shirts, or organic cotton tote bags, recycled tech and much, much more. You can filter Mercha products by sustainable factors when you go shopping. Learn more about our eco ethos here.


  2. Company Branded Tech Accessories: Offer branded tech accessories that align with the latest trends, such as wireless charging pads, smart device stands, or custom-designed laptop sleeves. These items are practical and demonstrate your brand's relevance in the digital age and are sure to be worn-out, not thrown out. 

  3. Virtual Event Kits: As virtual events and remote work continue to be prevalent, create branded kits designed for online conferences, workshops, or team meetings to create an experience in-person events garner. Include items like webcam covers, branded notebookspens, and headphones, along with instructions for engaging with your virtual event. Perhaps even some branded lollies to keep the spirits high?

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  4. Wellness Products: Work-life balance has never been more important and fostered, so get your brand on the forefront! Promote health and wellness with merch like yoga mats, resistance bands, or essential oil diffusers. It’s truly no stretch to support your employees and customers 

    with these products.

  5. Custom Branded Apparel: If there’s no t-shirt, did it even happen? Just like sporting teams, concerts and logo-laden apparel, branded clothing and accessories are essential. Consider options like athleisure wear, hoodies, or caps featuring your company logo or a unique design that reflects your brand personality. Discover our full range here to see what takes your fancy.

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  6. Augmented Reality (AR) Merchandise: Stand out with interactive branded merchandise using augmented reality technology. Create AR-enabled products like branded stickers, posters, or coasters that come to life when viewed through a smartphone app, providing an engaging and memorable experience. 

  7. Subscription Boxes: Curate branded subscription boxes (we call them merch packs) filled with a selection of your products or related items. Offer themed boxes tailored to different interests or occasions, such as a wellness box with skincare products and stress-relief items or a productivity box with office supplies and motivational tools. Build your own here, or explore our pre-designed packs here

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  8. Branded Drinkware: From the office cuppa to an on-the-go water bottle, the options for branded reusable drinkware is abundant! We’ve tried and tested each and every cup and bottle to ensure quality, style and usability is unparalleled - it’s cuppeth runneth over in all the right ways. Check-out innovative designs and features and consider options like temperature-controlled smart mugs, insulated tumblers with interchangeable lids, or eco-friendly stainless steel straws engraved with your logo.

  9. Gaming Accessories: Tap into the growing gaming crowd with branded gaming accessories. Products like mousepads, gaming controllers, or LED-lit headphones add a little fun and enhance the gaming experience while promoting your brand.

  10. Personalised Merchandise: Personalisation is key, and a huge trend for 2024 across the board! Personalised merchandise options that allow customers or employees to customise their items with their names, initials, or unique designs. Offer customisation tools on your website or through dedicated mobile apps for a truly personalised experience.


We hope you enjoyed reading our list of Top Creative Company Branded Merch Ideas for 2024.

So with all that, where do you start? Start here. Upload your logo and go!