Event Merch Ideas to Stand Out From the Crowd

At the helm of elevating an event? We’ve got you covered to make it a stand out –forget nonchalant, we’re all about the chalant!

Here at Mercha we love an event. No matter the occasion, if it’s about bringing people together, we’re front and centre ready for the A to Z (in fact, we’ve already made a checklist for you from conception to execution..check it here)

So, how do you make it an experience to remember for all the right reasons? With the following 10 ideas! 

Event Merch Ideas to Stand Out From the Crowd


  1. Interactive Swag Bags: Instead of traditional almost empty swag bags filled with brochures and flyers, create interactive swag bags that engage attendees from the moment they receive them. Include QR codes or NFC tags that unlock exclusive content, discounts, or prizes when scanned with a smartphone. And of course, make them bags that they’ll wear out not throw out! Have fun with logo placement, colours and materials. Get some inspo with these totes here. 

  2. Customised Apparel Stations: Time to get personal! Set up a station where attendees can personalise their event apparel, such as t-shirts or hoodies, with custom designs, patches, or embroideries. Offer a variety of design options and colors to suit individual preferences.

  3. Live Screen Printing: Partner with a local screen printing company to set up a live printing station at your event. Allow attendees to choose their preferred design or slogan and watch as their custom-designed merchandise is printed on the spot - make sure you have a pre-set design of your logo or event artwork ready to roll to commemorate the occasion! 

  4. Tech-Integrated Merchandise: Get techy, and we don’t just mean with your powerpoint slide transitions! Incorporate technology into your event merchandise to create interactive experiences like bluetooth-enabled speakers, smart water bottles with hydration reminders, or wearable tech accessories that track fitness metrics. Need some extra ideas? See our entire tech range here waiting for your logo. 

  5. Reusable Drinkware: Keep everyone hydrated with high-quality reusable drinkware donned with your brand, logo or event art. From glass to stainless steel, insulated tumblers and everything in between, we’ve tried and tested each one ourselves to ensure they’re up to scratch! Tick the health and sustainability boxes in one hit. 

  6. Customised Planters or Succulents: As the saying goes, ‘from little things big things grow’, a great way to look at your event as a whole. Offer mini planters or succulents customised with your event branding as unique and eco-friendly giveaways. Attendees can take them home as a reminder of the event and nurture them as living souvenirs.

  7. DIY Craft Stations: Set up DIY craft stations where attendees can create their own event-themed merchandise, such as custom badges, keychains, or mini terrariums. Provide a variety of materials and instructions for creative expression. Start with items like aprons, lanyards and t-shirts for example. 

  8. Branded Tech Gadgets: Offer cutting-edge tech gadgets branded with your event logo, such as portable chargers, USB flash drives, or wireless charging pads. Perfect for the event itself, but for real-life use, too! Explore all our tech products and accessories here

  9. Artisanal Food and Beverage Items: Collaborate with local artisans, cafes, or specialty vendors to offer curated food and beverage items customised with your event branding. From beer to cookies, wine and non-alcoholic brands, too. You’ll be supporting local while adding something super unique to your event. 

  10. Exclusive VIP Merchandise: Create exclusive merchandise specifically for VIP attendees or sponsors, such as limited-edition collectibles, luxury gift baskets, or personalised experiences. This adds an extra layer of prestige and exclusivity to your event! It can be as easy as changing the type of tote they have, or different coloured reusable coffee cup - it’s all in the detail and the little things count. 

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Happy eventing, love Mercha.