Have you met Sam? The man, the myth and his favourite products revealed

Welcome to our first instalment of 'Meet Mercha', putting the faces to the names behind Mercha HQ. 

It would be rude if we didn't kick off by introducing you to our pal (and CRO), Sam Hardy. A family man through and through, Sam's drive for success and out-of-the-box thinking has seen him have a long history in the land of merch, investment and business success across a broad spectrum. Dabbling in many opportunities, Sam's business-savvy sense has seen him also work within tech, products and logistics and acquisitions within a range of top tier positions. (You can see more on that here.)

Sam's day to day at Mercha certainly varies. Though his role is officially CRO, Sam is certainly on the frontline and in the mix of it, overseeing all the mechanics from order confirmations, dispatch duties, customer relationship management and internal staff management, his responsibilities are endless – you get that on the big jobs! 

So with Sam so involved in the inventory, what're his fave products? We had to give him a three week warning so he could decide... and here are the results! Over to you, Sam.

1// A good quality umbrella is a fave! I know it can be seen as boring, but everyone loves a good brolly – and when it's pouring, they love them even more. Good ones also last forever and people tend to hold onto them so I feel like they're great value for money.  Check-out these brollies here

2// I'm a backpack guy! I think in the last eight years I've had two, so again, a good one with subtle branding is always really well received and gets great miles. See our full range of backpacks here

3// I have fallen in love with the Bellroy Tech Pouch – it comes everywhere with me. I keep all my cables and chargers in it to save them going wild in my bag. Again, it's great quality so it lasts well, and the brand that gave it to me I have always remembered as it's a thoughtful gift! Especially great, when gravelling too. 

4// Maybe because I was a little pop-punk emo kid when I was younger, but I like laptop stickers – and no, not just Mercha ones. I have a heap stamped over my lid. 

5// Picnic blanket! I have one that lives in the boot for all occasions and I've taken it from car to car. It's old but it's great quality comes in super handy. Take your pic (get it?) of our picnic blankets here, and full accessories here

Signing off, Sam.

Sam Hardy, Mercha