Key Dates & Ideas to Keep Your Team Cool And Morale High

New year, new team vibe? It's time to change things up and elevate the ordinary in the office...starting here!

It's no secret high team morale leads to high productivity – a win-win company wide. But, between Christmas, annual leave and End of Financial Year, how do you keep the light at the end of the tunnel shining bright amongst your colleagues? The answer: the little things.

It's all about celebrating the small wins and surprising your team when they least expect it, for all the right reasons. Who doesn't love a 'just because' gift?!  So instead of ramping up the rumble when there's deadlines to meet and KPI's to reach, keep the spirits high and let them know they're appreciated, no matter the season. Yet, we're not just telling you to throw gift cards and Friday drinks every now and then (though, they're not bad ideas) - it's about supporting, unifying and re-energising the office. After all, it's not LeBron and LeBron only who takes the Lakers to the finals, it's the team – and the fans follow in uniform – literally.

Branded products Mercha

So, is it time to unify the team? Branded merch is not only the a great way to organically market your brand, but add a little team spirit into the mix, bringing the gang back together. From t-shirts to coffee cups, laptop sleeves, water bottles, phone chargers and everything in between, you can help productivity, efficiency and all-round good vibes with gear that'll be worn out, not thrown out.

With that, click, save, and print the below calendar highlighting fun, trivial days between now and June you could leverage to add a little spice into the ordinary. 

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