Pack Up Corporate Gifting With These 6 Packs. Easy As!

You either have the knack for it or you don’t – the talent for ingenious and perfect gift giving. Lucky for you, it doesn’t matter this year when it comes to corporate gifting because we’ve made it easy as!

No need for the stress of creating the perfect gift pack, finding what works with A to compliment B, and no need to call upon the likes of Mrs Clause or local department store pre-designed baskets of packaged goods that will last the decade in the back of kitchen cupboards (it’s the glittery ribbon that caught your eye anyway, let’s be honest). This time ‘round, it’s all about bang for your buck and smiles on dials with your sustainability conscience at ease. We’re talking branded gift packs for your employees, clients and staff alike. 

From items that are made to be worn out not thrown out, these packs have been designed to put your brand on loud for all the right reasons. At the end of the day though, do promo products actually work for brand exposure and respect? Good question – let the stats speak here

Now that’s sorted, what pack will you choose for corporate Christmas cheer?

It’s the Christmas break after all! Encourage some lazy days off the clock with our premium Boat Tote, Turkish Beach Towel and Insulated Bottle. All that’s missing is your brand! 

Branded beach towel and beach pack

Brand-up a set of cards that look just as ace as your logo. Go fish(ing) and have some fun while you're waiting for a bite. More of a solo(taire) player? Consider this merch pack a royal flush! Featuring two wine glasses, bottle opener, notebook & pen, and set of cards, all that's missing now is your logo on each and every item!

Branded games pack

The name says it all. This pack is only about the good times –  how could someone not like that?! So, let the good times roll with your brand front and centre with a foldable cheese and wine board, bluetooth speaker and charging envelope. 

Branded cheese and wine table and picnic set

Heading out for some tent time these holidays? Chances are you’re not the only one! Make sure your team are happy campers in and out of the office with this fun fuelled pack. Featuring the Nottage Enamel Metal Cup, playing card set, Mesh Trucker Cap by Legend Life, and to finish – a branded stubby holder, the Happy Camper set is the ultimate kit, camping or not! 

Branded Camping Gear

It would be rude not to include this one! With many Aussies flocking to the beach summer-long it’s safe to say this pack truly packs a punch! Kick-start the fun with ball batton set, insulated water bottle and canvas tote bag with your name all over it! 

Branded beach gear & Christmas gifts

Try and keep everyone's hands off this one! A winner at home and in the office fridge, the 'But First, Lunch' pack is the ultimate corporate gift! The staff and client favourite features a vacuum insulated drink bottle, two part reusable lunch box with cutlery and a reusable non-toxic PVC bag. Wrap it all up with a handsome, sustainable jute tote lunch bag and your lunchtimes are sorted. 

Branded promo products ideas

Need some more pack options? Check-out this page or email us at for design and ordering information.