Six Ideas to Celebrate the End of Year at Work 😎

If you haven't gathered yet from the drastic aisle re-arrangements in your local department stores.. the season to be jolly is almost upon us. 

Yes, we're only in October and although here at Mercha we live by 'better late than never, but never late is better', it has still shocked us how fast Christmas is creeping up. So you can take this not-so-subtle warning that it's time to get your A into G and get your corporate Christmas sorted!

Whether you're a festivus fan or not, it's not all about the baubles and gifts under the tree – It's about ending the year on a high, thanking your team, clients and partners for their efforts and time the last 12 months and welcoming the bigger and better in the New Year. 

With that, you may in need of some ideas to signify such an occasion and ideas – we have. Keep scrollin' to be rollin' in the good times. 

Out of Office

Instead of afternoon drinks or an end-of-year bash in the communal kitchen area get out of office! Sure, put on a bar tab at the local. Or, get creative and do something out of the box like a team activity or pamper sesh – something that can be truly experienced (and remembered..). 

Get Personal

Put down the gift vouchers, it's time to get personal. Make sure your people know they're not 'another number' and give the gift of adding to their out-of-work lives. Yep, you know that old 'work-life-balance' thing? What we're saying is, support their down-time with unique gifts that will continue providing the good times summer long. From beach towels, wine glasses, picnic rugs, pet accessories and cheese boards, encourage some leisure time. But what's in it for you and the business other than happy and grateful employees? Brand awareness! Add your logo and your brand will be along for the ride anywhere and everywhere they are.  

Hall Pass

Perhaps not the hall pass you're thinking, instead more along the 'safe for work' lines. Forget about throwing thousands at an event many are likely to forget four drinks in, put the cash where it counts – back into your teams' pockets. We're talking bonus annual leave days. A lovely surprise as the days heat up and family time becomes more important than ever. 

Team Time Out

Instead of massive events where everyone gets lost in the crowd between the open bar and open mic, encourage teams to have a time-out to celebrate their little wins because don't forget – the little things each team are accomplishing on the day to day with no recognition is what's building the big wins – the ones the CEO brags about every fourth Friday. So, throw some budget behind small team gatherings and then bring everyone in for one hell of a celebration! This will also encourage cross-team mingling as each team will have had their own time beforehand! It's a Hannah Montana – best of both worlds. 

Pack It Up

Forget the bottle of wine and box of chocolates, pack a punch with corporate gifts that will be worn out not thrown out. Now, you have two options – 1/ design your own pack by picking and choosing your favourite Mercha products we'll then add your logo to and pack up perfectly.


Build Your Own Custom Merch Pack Online in Minutes - Mercha


Otherwise.. 2/ choose from our pre-designed themed custom branded merch packs to hit the personality of everyone in the office (yep, even the Dwight's to the Jim's). It literally only takes a couple of minutes and we'll handle the rest – design, delivery and delight. 


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Cool Cameos

Okay, this one we stole from an ideas list from 2022 but for all good reason – it's still an epic idea we back! Instead of a company-wide thank you via email, be more specific, get into the nitty gritty and make sure each department has recognition for their hard work. This could be done on a more personal level by the big boss, or jazz it up and check-out sites like Cameo to have the message delivered by celebs and sporting stars!


But wait, is employee engagement and end of year celebrations even important in a corporate world? We'll just leave this here...


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