The 2023 Trends You Need to Know Now🔥👀

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, ‘and just like that’ it’s a new year. While the saying goes ‘new year, new me’, we’re sticking to ‘new year, same us – but better than ever’. 

And we hope you are, too! 

So, if you’re ready to be at the top of your game for 2023, it’s only right that you’re ahead of the trends! From employee engagement, new staff, work-aversaries, client gifting and events and campaigns, merch is your answer. But, we’re not talking any old merch, we’re talking sustainable and high quality products that have been designed to be worn out not thrown out. 

With that, consider this your 2023 work Bible on all things good times, happy staff, and peak branding – the trend report is in!

Less is more and doing more for less is best. There’s a few ways this works –

  • Think sustainable products and processes that do their best for the environment while doing the best for your brand.  
  • Opt for less effort with significant outcomes 
  • Choose to spend less with more bang for your buck
  • Quality over quantity – less really is more

It’s all about less input, more output – for you, your brand, your audience, and the earth. Merch: Choose products that are responsibly sourced + crafted and use eco-friendly materials; choose items that will be put to good use, not collect dust; and finally, choose a quick and efficient way to order all your branding and corporate needs – merch designed in minutes, not days. You can check-out our sustainability practices here otherwise head straight to our tech and eco product pages. 

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Widen the playing field when it comes to office merch and get your brand moving from the boardroom all the way to the bar. Choose contemporary designs and products and see your marketing travel far and wide – literally. Subtle branding is something we’ll see in 2023 – smaller logos, clever placement and creative ways to get your brand in front of eyes, without getting your brand in front of eyes – you know what we’re saying? Go beyond a logo and ask a question or make a statement connecting your brand subliminally. Encourage ‘casual Fridays’, or incorporate the essentials with your brand snuck on in there. Soon enough, your team and clients will be reppin’ from Sunday to Sunday. Shop apparel here

2023 merch and marketing trends


Personalisation and customisation is truly where it’s at in 2023 and we’re making this easier than ever with our merch packs. Forget picking and choosing the perfect bundle, we’ll do that for you with our pre-designed, branded packs for any vibe and theme. Beach days? You got it. New starter kits? Tick! Home for the holidays? All over it. Check-out our merch packs here and get goin’! 

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