The Benefits Of Ordering Early This Christmas + 4 Corporate Gift Ideas!

A modern day poet (rapper, Drake) once said – 

Better late than never, but never late is better”

...and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to end of year gifting! 

There are a few benefits of being organised, many of which we’re sure your mother has reminded you of over your years and now we’re here to remind you again! No, we’re not nagging, we’re simply here to help you nail your corporate gift giving like never before and reap the benefits while you're at it!

It all comes down to preparation. As we mentioned last week, supply chains aren’t exactly at optimum functionality across all industries around the world so it’s best to keep in mind curation and shipping dates which you can check-out here. Yet, preparation has its perks long after this. 

If you start considering and planning your end of year gifts now not only will the future-you thank you, but your accounts team, clients and employees will, too. 

  • Avoid the last-minute rush decision where you’ll end up blowing your budget just to buy something – anything. 
  • By thinking about it now and organising early, this ensures your gift is thoughtful, more meaningful and appreciated across the board.
  • With plenty of time for approvals, decision making and thorough research, you can bet your dollar that the chosen gifts will be wanted, needed, and put to good use rather than being thrown out or the next years dust collector.

So, where to now? The best sort of gifts come down to functionality and durability with a little sprinkle of somethin’ somethin’. And that ‘somethin’ is your brand. 

Make your dollars go further with a branded gift your clients, employees and partners alike will love while your logo is put on loud. If the gift is something they will use this means your brand is front and centre, out there showing off and doing its thing – essentially, it's free marketing. 

It’s a win for you and a win for your team. Now, it’s all about what to choose. The easy part? Ordering! 

Need some inspo?

Check-out these merch packs, or explore out-of-the-box ideas like: headphones, wireless chargers, wine glass set and beach towels…just to name a few!

Branded custom towels
Branded wine glasses


A merry merch Christmas starts now!