The 2023 Trend Report: How It's Shaping Up!

Fashion has magazines and the runways. Music has the concerts and awards. Merch? Well, as of now, merch has its on trend report and you're reading it. 

While some styles come and go depending on the season and churn of what society deems 'hot', it's important not to get left behind and merch is no exception. If your brand is on the pulse of business, why shouldn't your merch be too?

With that, welcome to the 'Merch Report' – your branding Bible – to see what's hot this 2023 season. 

Branded tech products

We've said it once, we'll say it again – when in doubt, tech it out. Our world revolves around technology, and just like you rely on a basic tee as a wardrobe staple, you can rely on tech as a promo product for an easy win. With that, meet our range of portable battery chargers. We live with our phones in our hand and their battery life still hasn't caught up to the demand, so give the gift that keeps on giving: phone power. 


 Branded sustainable and eco friendly products

Believe it or not, your team, clients, customers and partners do care about your eco-efforts! Environmental consciousness is a thing, and can significantly impact your reputation, industry credibility and of course – consumer choices (not to mention respect and retention from employees!). Products like bamboo or recycled office essentials such as notebooks, pens, coffee cups, water bottles, all the way through to laptop sleeves, clothing, pet accessories and more will set you up for greener pastures in more ways than one. You can check-out all B-Corp, recycled, sustainable and organic products here


 Branded packaging and merch kits

Sometimes it's not just the products, but rather the entire gifting experience! It feels pretty special when there's something to discover or un-wrap, right? It makes it feel more significant and memorable and that goes for not just what you're gifting, but how. When designing your own merch packs, or choosing from our pre-designed kits, we'll pack them up perfectly in a fully-branded box with your name written all over it! Another great way to pair up products is by delivering the gifts in a branded eco tote like these


 Branded lifestyle products

One thing we've all learnt the last few years is the importance of a work-life balance and how businesses are supporting their employees, clients and partners in this endeavour. What better way to support them, than providing them with the goods to get outside, enjoy some downtime or head on holiday with your brand along for the ride. Love their lifestyle as much as they do with products like beach towels, picnic blankets, wine glasses, cheese boards, and games.. just to name a few!


There you have it – case closed! If you want more hot hits, check-out our Instagram Top 5 trending products each fortnight here