The Top 5 Work Anniversary Gifts your Team Actually Want!

Employee engagement matters – that we know! So when workaversaries come round, they should not just be noted, but celebrated! It's all about retention, baby.

So with that, instead of the usual wine, chocolates and copy-paste email, make it a little bit spesh and add some Mercha magic. 'How?', you're likely thinking. Easy as – epic branded products. Check out our top five revealed, below. Let's go! 

Meze Gourmet Cheese Board Set

Serve up some downtime with a branded cheese board set. A little out of the ordinary, this bad boy is sure to be worn out not thrown out, with plenty of time for it to shine. To truly complete this pack, head to your local grocer or deli to get the party started with a selection of cheeses for your MVP to enjoy either at-work with the team, or home with the family. 

Custom branded cheese board set


'Home Body' Merch Pack

It's super important that your team know you value their off-duty time which is why the 'Home Body' merch pack can do no wrong. A gesture of appreciation, this pack offers a relaxed approach to mixing work and play with plush blanket, beautiful candle and stemless glasses. 

Custom merch pack


SkullCandy Riff Wireless Headphones

Turn up the anniversary celebrations with some tech to impress! In this day and age you know these will be a welcomed (and cool) surprise, with your brand all over it! SkullCandy is one of the best in the music biz' so quality is certainly assured! Otherwise, check-out the Orso Bluetooth Speaker to really turn up the party vibes. 

Branded headphones and speakers

'Lazy Days' Merch Pack

Encourage some 'off time' in all the right ways with the 'Lazy Days' merch pack. Complete with a tote, Turkish beach towel and insulated bottle, it's the ideal kit to take on adventures! Showing your team that you care about their RDO's is definitely the way to top tier retention and satisfied staff!

Custom promotional products

Stemless Champagne Flutes

If this doesn't say 'congratulations', what does? You can't get more celebratory than branded stemless champagne flutes and we're all about it! This pack of four creates a gift to be cherished yet never have time to collect dust as the bubbles will certainly be flowing to celebrate any corporate achievement. 

Branded champagne flutes
Like the idea of merch packs but need more inspo? Either build your own or choose from the wide range of pre-designed packs waiting for your logo! Check it out here.