Top 10 Trending Merch Products For Corporate Gifting 2022

While the fashion world has runways and ‘what’s hot’ edits, music has ‘top hit’ playlists, and film and TV has award shows, how does one know what’s trending in the world of merch? Good question. 

The answer: (and if you haven’t seen it, our ‘top five’ weekly Instagram edits here). 

So, with end of year corporate parties, employee and partner ‘thank you’s’ right around the corner, needing to know what’s hot and what’s trending in the land of workplace gifting is integral. This is where we come in. Without further adieu, here are our:


Top 10 Trending Merch Products For Corporate Gifting 2022


First, if you need some backup, check out the data showcasing the impact and importance of employee engagement, gifting and branded products. Secondly, keep on scrollin’ to see what the best sellers at Mercha HQ the last month as we leading up to the Christmas crazy and ensure to be on-trend! 


Branded Skull Candy Headphones
Branded Wireless Chargers
Branded Water bottles

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