4 Ways to Support The Mental Health of Your Team

Employee mental health has become a hot topic is society and within the workplace, with many employers going to extraordinary lengths to support the wellbeing of staff. From Friday drinks to in-house yoga classes, it’s essential to support your employees body and spirit, but how do you find the magic balance? We have a few ideas for you… read on. 


Schedule in an office-wide ‘no meetings moment’ every week so your team can prioritise their work without interruption. We know of companies keeping Friday’s free, or blocking off the last two hours of every workday because like most of us, it’s all meetings and no time to actually close off items. This will relieve the pressure and re-prioritise focus time! Your team will thank you. 


With good mental health comes mindfulness – this should be no surprise. So with that, encourage your team to have moments in their day to be present in the ‘now’, and take a brain break from work to hit ‘refresh’ on their nervous system. Gifts like stress balls and card games can be great help to busy minds. Pair this with a mindfulness class and you’re on your way to a very mindful mix!


Like many workplaces, team bonding is often based around booze and while we’re all for a cheers, sometimes finding zen together is where it’s at. Arrange a series of in-house yoga or pilates and rally the troops and get the team moving in all the right ways. Want to elevate the idea? Check-out these branded yoga mats waiting for your logo. 


Sometimes all we need is a good pat on the back – recognition of the hard work. You’ll be surprised how much this can mean, with 92% of employees noting they would repeat a specific action after receiving recognition (you can read more on that here). Treat the team to some branded goodies to brighten up the nine to five. We’re talking merch packs with the essentials like the 'I'm an Ideas Person' pack, or something a little out the ordinary like the Tech Traveller. Then we have clothing, beach basics, bar fun, and of course – an emotional support water bottle. You can do no wrong with something that’s going to be worn out not thrown out. And the best bit? Your name will be along for the ride! Upload your logo with no sign-up needed to see how your logo looks on our merch!

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