Onboarding New Employees? Wow Them With These 5 Merch Ideas

Have a new team member? Now they’ve signed on the dotted line it’s time to ‘wow’ and introduce them to the workplace they always dreamt of. It’s no secret employee satisfaction leads to higher productivity and profitability (which you can see more on here), so set the standards high and welcome them with more than a handshake – we’re talking personalised experiences and products to warmly welcome them to the brand and get their workplace passion off to cracker start!

The question is – how? That’s where we come in. Check-out the below five employee onboarding ideas to woo the new!

1// But first, coffee
The corporate version of liquid gold, a coffee and tea can do wonders for staff. Whether it’s for a social quick catch-up, excuse for fresh air, caffeine hit or routine, support the pour with a reusable coffee cup – branded, of course. Check-out the Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Coffee Cup & Mirror Finish mugs.


Branded reusable cups & mugs - Mercha


2// One on one
Gifting a coffee cup is one thing, but the next – personally taking them for coffee. Sure, there’s the usual HR check-ins and inductions, but a personal coffee catch-up with the boss a week or two after starting a new role can work wonders. Build respect, a personable connection and open the floor to feedback. 


3// Beats are treats
While at first it may seem like a distraction, an office speaker or headphones create the ultimate onboarding gift for a new starter. Not only does it say “hey, we’re cool, we like music too”, but listening to music is shown to improve cognitive performance and productivity. Check-out all our speakers here, and headphones here


Branded speakers - Mercha



4// The essentials
In this day and age a laptop of course reigns supreme. And, if your team members are always on the go make sure their company gear is looked after with a sleek laptop sleeve, branded with the company logo! Our choice? The Bellroy, of course. 

5// Back to basics
Alongside the today’s tech, a trusty notebook and pen can never be overlooked. From sustainable and eco-friendly options to leather bound corporate folders, check-out the plethora of options here


Branded Corporate Products - Mercha
Have some unique onboarding processes at your workplace? Let us know! georgie@mercha.com.au