What is the single most important thing to do when ordering company branded merch online?

At Mercha, we obsess over making the ordering of company branded merch and promo products as easy one, two, three.

But spoiler alert: behind the scenes, getting your company logo on our quality made products is oh-so-complex. Our secret sauce insulates you from that fact, but today we’re being vulnerable and we’re putting it on the line and sharing our number one tip for success.

So, what is the single most important thing to do when ordering company branded merch online?


Plan ahead.


 What is the single most important thing to do when ordering company branded merch online? - Mercha


Surprised? Perhaps shook? Unlikely. While it all looks and feels simple, creating branded merchandise is a complex process with hundreds of steps involved which is why we’ve simplified the process as much as possible so you can get from A to Z within minutes not days.


For the ultimate success – like many things in life – it’s all about preparation and not leaving things to the last minute. (However, if you thrive off of the thrill, you can check out our RUSH products here).



So, let’s break this down – work back from your ‘need by’ date and give yourself ample time for budget and payment approvals, artwork approval loops, production times (generally 10-15 business days, minimum) shipping times and, of course, choosing the right products! 


With that segue, we’re onto the NEXT most important thing to do when ordering company branded merch online in Australia: ensure the quality of both the products AND print your purchase by working with the right supplier. Now, that’s actually quite easy if you’re a Mercha.com.au fan as we’ve tried and tested every product personally to ensure it’s all been designed to be worn out, not thrown out.


You may find cheap options at very low cost elsewhere but beware, the promotional products industry is rife with cheap, pre-landfill junk. As the adage goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. There is nothing worse for your brand, valued customers, team members, and our planet than to spend the time, effort and money on products that will go straight in the bin. You know the products, because you’ve undoubtedly received them!


So with that, here are some key steps to consider when choosing your branded merch:


  1. Research the Supplier: Choose a reputable and established supplier with positive reviews and a track record of delivering quality merchandise. Look for suppliers that specialise in promotional products and have experience working with businesses similar to yours. Let’s speed that up for you – mercha.com.au – it’s where it’s at. We’re a couple of Australians who wanted to change the game for good – good merch, good ethics and a better than good process. (In fact, meet co-founders Ben and Sam right now).
  2. Product Quality: The quality of the merchandise reflects directly on your company's image. Request samples or images of the products before placing a bulk order to ensure they meet your standards in terms of materials, printing, and overall appearance. You can do this for every product when viewing by hitting the ‘order sample’ button on the product page. We get it – try before you buy.
    Branded merch and promo product samples at Mercha.com.au

  3. Cost Transparency: As above, we have no secrets. To keep within budget, have a play with quantities and printing style to not break the bank. 
  4. Shipping and Delivery Times: Consider the lead time required for production and shipping. You can see this all on the product page where we showcase instant quotes, mock-ups and lead time.
  5. Product Customisation: The best bit! Upload your logo and go for an instant mock-up. No more waiting hours or days. You can upload a range of logos and branding requirements, select your placement and see a live mock-up. Don’t worry though, we’ll confirm all this before we hit print!
    Custom and branded merch online - design your own at Mercha.com.au
  6. Customer Service: A responsive and helpful customer service team is crucial. If you have questions or concerns, you should be able to easily reach out to the supplier and receive timely assistance. That’s what we’re all about – we’re just a message away.
  7. Proof Approval: Before the products are produced, you’ll receive a pre-production art work proof of your customized merchandise to ensure that the design, colors, and placement are accurate. Review and approve this proof before moving forward – it will only take a minute!
  8. Return and Refund Policy: Understand the supplier's policy regarding returns, exchanges, and refunds in case the merchandise doesn't meet your expectations or arrives damaged.
  9. Bulk Pricing and Discounts: Inquire about bulk pricing and any available discounts for larger orders. This can help you save costs while ordering larger quantities.
  10. Legal Considerations: Make sure you have the necessary rights and permissions to use any logos, images, or designs on the merchandise. This prevents potential legal issues down the line!


So, start with your ‘need by’ date for your company branded merch and work backwards (4-6 weeks is a good rule of thumb) to establish the date you need to purchase your merch.


From there, the rest is easy and all in your hands. Get to it!


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